Will moving out ever be simple?

  • Couple packs furniture for removal

Changing homes is one of the most absorbing things you’ll experience throughout your life. Migration for higher education, new job or for your first own place is hard. Why? You have to leave your memories, your neighbourhood and friends. Your route routine will change and the views will be new. Even though these factors might make you sad and sentimental, there is one more nightmare that you have to face — sorting out and packing your stuff.

How to start?

Almost every guidebook will tell you a different story. They advise to start with the clothes, pack unused stuff first, get yourself enough boxes. While all of those are partially true, the best way to start is a proper list with a strategy. If you know that your wardrobe has clothes that aren’t popular anymore or you’d like to get rid of the old ones, start with that. When you have hundreds of small statuettes, pictures or delicate vases, pack them fist with extra care. If you’d own a big collection of shoes or bags, keep your favourite ones and put the rest into the chosen boxes. Make a plan that will consider every aspect of your apartment. Without a good strategy, you will struggle or try to do everything at once. This never works out and creates a stressful and panicked atmosphere.

What will help you to stay motivated?

The first thing you have to consider while making a plan is whether it’s good. When you know that what you are doing makes sense, you will get to where you want easier. Set your daily moving out plan and get yourself a deadline that ends a day or two before the removal. You will have time for packing the essentials that you use daily. By keeping up with the plan, you will only spend a few hours per day and you’ll still have time to do fun stuff and meet up with friends or family. This will be especially important if you’re moving to another city or a country.

How to prepare for transportation?

If you have your own vehicle, you can pack it up and get to the designated location by yourself. If you don’t have a car or you want to take some pieces of furniture with you, you can rent one. If you want to play it extra safe and get your stuff transported with care, book up professional help. Move to Germany from UK are performed by a great team of removal experts. They will take care of your belongings, and they can even help you pack!

What to do after getting into a new flat?

The first thing you need to do is plan again. You’ll probably be very tired after the removal itself, so you won’t be able to get your apartment perfectly unpacked and ready on the same day. Take care of the new kitchen, bathroom and bedroom first, as they’re the most commonly used areas. Clean up any dirt that could accumulate over time and make sure that your bathtub shines. Place your boxes in a way that you could move freely till the next day. Then start emptying boxes with the most frequently used stuff and fill in your new home with your belongings.