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Private dentists

Are you looking for a professional private dentist in Leeds or an experienced teeth whitening specialist in Wakefield? No matter what dental services you need, you can find the best solutions for you in Poldent Dental Care Dentistry. The goal of our clinic is individual support of clients at all stages of treatment, personal attention and care, and of course responsibility for the result.

For more than 20 years of dental practice, our dentists have acquired not only great practical experience but also mastered many areas of modern dentistry, such as dental implants, treatment of periodontal and gum disease, dental treatment under a microscope and cosmetic dentistry. The doctors of the clinic fully share the common for our dentistry approaches and principles of work with patients. Any manipulation from the simplest filling to the complex rehabilitation of the oral cavity, bite correction, and restoration of aesthetics is performed on the basis of a scientific approach, on the most modern equipment, using modern materials.

Each stage of our work, starting from the primary diagnosis and ending with the result, we photograph and store on the personal card of the patient. This allows not only to document the medical history in detail but also to eliminate misunderstanding and mistrust. Now the patient not only truly trusts his doctor but also becomes an active participant in the medical process, able to make the right decision based not only on the doctor's recommendation but also on his own evaluation.